Mashregh: Iran’s missiles capable of targeting US bases like Al Udeid


Hardline news outlet Mashregh, which is close to Iran’s security services, has published an article discussing Iran’s missile capabilities vis-a-vis targets in the Persian Gulf, and says that Iran is capable of hitting specific US targets — both in air bases and ships — with its existing missile technologies. Mashregh gives the example of how Iran could use its Zelzal missiles to hit US targets at the Al Udeid Air Base west of Doha.

Mashregh writes that obtaining short-range solid fuel rockets became one of the main goals of Iran’s missile program during the Iran-Iraq war, and that the first rocket had a range of 170km.

The article goes on to examine the development of the Zelzal range of heavy artillery rockets, culminating in the Zelzal-3. The second generation of this missile, according to Mashregh, is 470kg as compared to the 300kg of the first-generation missiles.


Zelzal-3, source Mashregh

Zelzal-3, source Mashregh

The article also examines missile accuracy. According to Mashregh, the latest design of the Zelzal will have a smaller CEP (circular error probable) than previous designs.

Mashregh argues that Iran has the capability to hit and destroy US targets in the region with its existing missile technology.

For example, The Al Udeid Air Base, west of Doha, Qatar [which also hosts the forward HQ of the US Central Command and is a US Air Force base] which Mashregh notes is less than 270 km from Iranian islands, is about 1,300 m long and 330 m wide. The Zalzal, Mashregh claims, armed with a 450-900 kg warhead, is precise enough to destroy specific targets on this airbase — such as individual fighters — within a 50 m radius.

Mashregh's image of how the Zelzal could destroy targets at Al Udeid

Mashregh’s image of how the Zelzal could destroy targets at Al Udeid






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